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Do you need an Atex Rated Door?

If your business generates flammable gases or vapours you are probably aware of the need for an Atex Rated Door and ancillary precautions to contain any explosion. Garages where flammable gases or vapours are regularly used are normally aware of the risks to their staff and premises and take action to create a safe working environment.

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The importance of industrial door maintenance

Do you have industrial doors fitted at your business premises?  Did you know that it’s your responsibility to keep them maintained, even if you don’t own the building itself?

Regulation 5 of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) classes all types of industrial doors as machinery and, as such, they should be included in your regular inspection and maintenance schedule. Of course, the frequency of the inspection will be determined by how much they are actually used, but it should at least be an annual occurrence, and to ensure that you comply with the regulations, the maintenance of your industrial doors should only ever be undertaken by competent and trained personnel.
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Trust the Experts

Security encompasses a wide range of services and applications. Keeping your home or business secure from theft, vandalism or fire can be a confusing. There is a vast array of products and services available and choosing the right one for you can be a potential minefield. Businesses in particular, need to keep potential thieves and vandals out. They also have to adequately equip their premises with protection against fire. Continue reading

Protect your windows with grilles

When it comes to security features, grilles are amongst the most timeless and effective. Window grilles are commonly seen in retail environments, protecting windows from vandalism and providing a secondary barrier to protect against any potential intruders. Retractable gates, in particular, are popular for their unobtrusive style of operation and their ability to come into use where and when required. We have a wide range of security items, including window grilles and roller shutters in Hull and throughout the surrounding areas. Everything we provide is designed especially to enhance your existing security. Continue reading