Protect your windows with grilles

When it comes to security features, grilles are amongst the most timeless and effective. Window grilles are commonly seen in retail environments, protecting windows from vandalism and providing a secondary barrier to protect against any potential intruders. Retractable gates, in particular, are popular for their unobtrusive style of operation and their ability to come into use where and when required. We have a wide range of security items, including window grilles and roller shutters in Hull and throughout the surrounding areas. Everything we provide is designed especially to enhance your existing security.

Windows and doors are prime targets for intruders and vandals. When windows or doors are broken or compromised in any way, your property is vulnerable. Whether it’s a simple act of vandalism or a brute force method of breaking into the property, these areas of a property can be weak spots, so by enhancing their security you are protecting your property. Our security grilles provide a visual deterrent and a strong means of guarding against intruders.

Our grilles are designed for optimum strength and effective protection. Fully galvanised, they can be locked into place with a single key. Their superior strength means that intruders cannot simply break through them, and the small spaces certainly ensures that they cannot climb through it in any way. Instead, the intruder will be forced to abandon their intrusion. Thanks to the fact that these grilles are supplied in sections, they can cover windows of any length, meaning that your windows, regardless of size, will be fully protected.

Despite providing a visual deterrent, they can be discreet and retracted when not in use, hidden by curtains and other objects. The top track can also be concealed with the use of a pelmet. Even if used constantly, however, their design still ensures that a healthy amount of light can enter the property.

Easy to use and custom built, all of our security grilles and roller shutters in Hull are installed fully and professionally. They are safe to handle and their smooth, quiet operations make for minimal hassle when in use. There simply is no compromising on quality when we install our security products. Available for a low cost that is affordable for practically every business, our grilles and security doors are perfect for when you need the maximum amount of security for a minimal price.